PCLinuxOS Openbox beta2 (en)

Two weeks after the beta1 version I can announce a beta 2 PCLinuxOS Openbox . Build on top of Neal’s PCLinuxOS Lxde beta2a, it’s up to date and contains a few more applications.

The additional applications : Smplayer, because not only it allows viewing videos, but also DVD’s and audio CD’s ; Asunder, light and efficient, to rip your audio CD’s, xcompmgr, to create some graphical effects with great lightness.

A few shortcuts are already configured

W+p : starts the PCC – Control Center
W+s : starts Synaptic

W+A+p : starts PCManFM
W+A+u : starts Urxvt
W+A+s : starts Sakura

W+S+s : starts Sylpheed
W+S+f : starts Firefox

The letter W stands for the key Windows (here the left one, or it wouldn’t be very practical) ; the letter A is for the Alt key (the left one is also recommended) the letter S means « Shift » : the key you will find above Ctrl, at the left part of the keyboard.

The shortcut W+w default displays the combined client menu : this is the list of programs which are started, each one on the desktop you placed them. The shortcut Ctrl+arrow right or left, brings you from one virtual desktop to the next one. W+space bar displays the main menu.

To know more, tou can read through the ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml file, where you will discover the other shortcuts (A+F4, A+F1, A+Esc etc… )

/! You might be astonished to discover in the general menu (the right click menu) one or two entries that obviously don’t do anything : especially, the Openbox > Reconfigure menu! That’s a graphical shortcut, for the openbox – -reconfigure command line.

This command will be used to change how Openbox acts, once you change something in the rc.xml file. When you will change, add or suppress some shortcuts in this file, you will want to use the new shortcuts at once without the need to restart X, so you will select this menu. You will not see any window open, nor any message, except if you have made a mistake while editing the rc.xml file. However, your new shortcuts will be available right away.

Here are a few screen shots

[nggallery id=7]

Thanks a lot to Neal for his support and technical help, Sproggy for offering to take care of the theme, Slick50 for making an openbox-menu package, kido for his Openbox logo, arthefact for bringing his wallpapers, the members of the #pclinuxos-fr chan on freenode, who encourage and contribute by their testing and spreading the word, and thanks to the main PCLinuxOS GNU/Linux distribution team.

A few links:

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The French section : French
Community projects website, « My PCLinuxOS »
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